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Mornington Peninsula Wedding

The Mornington Peninsula is located south east of Melbourne in Victoria Australia and has long been a preferred setting for spectacular weddings with unmatched scenery.

Although we photograph a large amount of weddings throughout Victoria (and also destination wedding photography), the Mornington Peninsula is definitely a favorite of ours. The Mornington Peninsula is a happening place with a vast array of shops, venues, pubs and bars which attracts holiday makers in their masses. Not only a mecca for Melbourne tourists it is also and attraction for visitors further afield both interstate and overseas. Although firstly a local tourist region, due to its beautiful natural attractions, it is also renowned as an all inclusive wedding destination and has many amazing and unique wedding venues to choose from. Beautiful wineries such as Lindenderry at Redhill, Stillwater at Crittenden, Willow Creek or Morning Star Estate and Conference Centres and golf courses such as Eagle Ridge, And then there are the beach restaurants, All Smiles and The Baths in Sorrento just to name a couple… You really are spoiled for choice! All of these venues and so many more we have worked at and know extensively.

Whatever you choose it’s sure to be spectacular. As photographers we understand how important it is that we are familiar with your venue. The better a photographer knows a venue or location the more knowledge they will have as to where the best shoot locations are. We have been shooting weddings on the peninsular now for more than 10 years and have literally photographed hundreds of couples. To say we know the area well and the best locations is definitely an understatement.

By allowing us at Lens to Life Photography to photograph your mornington peninsula wedding you will know you are safe in the hands of professional and experienced photographers who know the area in great detail.

Our team at Lens to Life photography will capture every aspect of your Mornington Peninsula Wedding. The day most often starts with images taken of the getting ready of the groom and his groomsmen. This is always a fun time and often we find most men enjoy showing off for a camera (especially when coaxed along by their mates), enabling us to get some great candid shots. We then move on to the bride and her bridesmaids and although some women are a little uncomfortable with a camera in front of them, our professional staff are used to dealing with all types of people and are masters at helping them relax. With the knowledge and professionalism of our skilled craftspeople together with the emotions of the day this time of the day is a definite place to get gorgeous natural images. By the end of this session, the women are feeling like models themselves! And are thrilled when they see the results..

We will then photograph the event itself, the ceremony! This is undoubtedly the most important moment of all. We will capture every detail of your Mornington Peninsula Wedding in pictures. From the grooms nervous looks turning into awe as his bride walks down the isle and particularly the bride so often in tears (in a happy way). And of course…THAT first kiss as a married couple. Afterwards we will make our way out to a location chosen by the bride and groom for family and group shots.

The bride and groom will be whisked away following this for some intimate location shots. These are the images that Lens to Life are famous for. We specialize in what we call ‘Weddingscapes’. These shots are similar to a spectacular landscape image but with the added bonus of including the bride and groom in shot. These are fantastic for couples that love the location they are being married at or have a particular location that is special to them.

There is no other location like the Mornington Peninsula for wedding photography, especially if you are after those amazing on-location art pieces that we are famous for.

Our team has been photographing weddings on the Peninsula for years and know of many incredible and beautiful shooting locations throughout the area. We very much focus on its scenic beauty, taking full advantage of the incredible surroundings (both natural and man made) on offer. Our photographers are always excited for the challenge and thrilled with the possibility to create their next ‘masterpiece.’ As we see it, it is our job to tell the ‘story’ of the day and we only have one chance to capture those beautiful memories.

mornington peninsula wedding