Mornington Peninsula Wedding – Willow Creek

Phillip & Mara’s mornington peninsula wedding began with their wedding ceremony at one of our favourite venues Willow Creek Winery. The celebrations continued with a reception held at Salix Restaurant.
If the shots of the reception below are anything to go by it looks like a great night was had by all. Congratulations once again on your marriage Phillip & Mara!

Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek001 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek002 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek004 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek005 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek006 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek007 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek008 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek009 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek010 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek011 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek012 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek013 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek014 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek015 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek016 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek017 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek018 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek019 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek020 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek021 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek022 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek023 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek024 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek025 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek026 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek027 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek028 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek029 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek030 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek031 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek032 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek033 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek034 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek035 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek036 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek037 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek038 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek039 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek040 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek041 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek042 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek043 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek044 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek045 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek046 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek047 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek048 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek049 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek050 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek051 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek052 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek053 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek054 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek055 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek056 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek057 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek058 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek059 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek060 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek061 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek062 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek063 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek064 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek065 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek066 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek067 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek068 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek069 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek070 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek071 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek072 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek073 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Willow_Creek074

wedding photography mornington peninsula – Scott & Kellie

How did you meet?
We met when we were in high school at a good friends party. We were instantly attracted to each other which was further cemented when I (Kellie) kicked Scott’s behind at pool. We didn’t see each other again until about 5 years after, however during that time Scott would always come up in our girly high school conversation’s when we were talking about our “ideal guys”. We officially started “going out when I was 19, Scott was 21, and we brought our first house together two years after that.

Where and how did the proposal take place?
In normal Scott fashion we decided we should get engaged after an awfully unromantic conversation which went something like “well it is probably a good idea to get married soon” I then went out and chose the ring put it on hold and Scott went and picked it up. He did take me to the Langham hotel for the night, and out for a nice dinner to formally propose. We were engaged for almost two years before getting married.

Where was your wedding held?
Willow Creek Winery/Salix

What was the Theme or Style?
The venue was so beautiful by itself I didn’t want to tack it up by including lot’s of wedding paraphernalia so I just kept it super simple with a slight vintage theme.

What was your favourite moment of your wedding?
I am going to be super cliché and say walking down the isle watching Scott and all the boys waiting there for us and the look on Scott’s face, “pure terror!” Scott also surprised me with his grooms speech. I had written a simple one for him to do as speeches are not really Scotts thing. He ended up writing his own beautiful speech the night before the wedding. I was really surprised and it was a really proud moment for me.

Favourite Photo and why?
There are three gorgeous photos that Lucas of Lens to Life Photography took of Scott with our 8 week old son Jordan. I don’t think Scott knew they were being taken. He had not seen Jordan since the previous morning because he was with me so was just kissing him hello. The photos tell a million words they are really amazing!


Description of Bride’s Dress?
Ummm wedding dressy looking. I chose it because there are only so many wedding dresses you can look at before they all start looking the same and this one seemed to stand out from the rest, so the decision was made quickly and without to much pain.

The Honeymoon Destination and any details or stories you’d like to share?
We were booked to go to Thailand originally straight after our wedding. However when we found out about being pregnant with Jordan we had to post pone the trip so we will now be going with Jordan in August, which is kind of good as it draws out the whole wedding celebration/excitement a bit longer.

Suppliers you would love mentioned:
The girls who did my hair and make up were AMAZING! They came to our house. I am not great with choosing hair make up etc so just left the decisions up to them as I knew I could trust them to do an amazing job which they did. Unfortunately they don’t have a website but hair dressers name is Debbie Unwin from Hair for You. Ph 0415277506 or email Makeup artist was Merranda from Bayside Beauty in Mornington


wedding photography mornington peninsula – Mark & Shae

How did you meet?
We met at high school where we had a few classes together. We did our Deb Ball with each other and have been together ever since.

Where and how did the proposal take place?
Mark proposed while we were away on a European adventure in a town on the Cinque Terre coast of Italy.
We had spent the day exploring the beautiful village and after dinner, while sitting at a lookout overlooking the village and the ocean, Mark surprised me with the proposal.

Where was your wedding held?
Our wedding was held at the beautiful Willow Creek Winery. As the weather was not particularly kind to us we moved the ceremony inside to Salix’s restaurant, which was absolutely beautiful.

What was the Theme or Style:

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?:
Shae: Walking down the aisle with my Dad, looking down to see Mark waiting for me.
Mark: Dancing with Shae at the end of the night when all the important bits were out of the way!

Favorite Photo and why:
There are so many to choose from, but we do love the one where we are all walking down the driveway holding the umbrellas because we are surrounded by all our friends.

Description of Bride’s Dress:
I won the dress in a competition on and also got to meet the designer Henry Roth when he bought the dress down for me to try on.  It was a strapless, stretch boned & corseted Chantilly lace gown with tiered lace with Swarovski beading.

The Honeymoon Destination:
At Peppers Resort in Kingscliff, NSW

My Dad organised the cars through a friend of his that owns a couple of vintage Rolls Royce’s. They were called Ruby and Buttercup.

Our cake was made by Janine from
It was a 3 tiered cake with 3 different flavours. Who can pick just one!!!!

Felicity Kerr who was amazing to work with. We were so lucky to have her officiate our wedding.

Brides Shoes:
Tony Bianco ‘Sebond Ivory’

My parents gave me a pair of earrings from Stephanie Brown and I borrowed my great Aunts watch/bracelet.

Attire was from Rodger David. We didn’t want them to all to look the same, so they all chose different looks while sticking to a similar colour palette. It was one of the easiest parts to the whole planning process. The boys were fantastic and I think they had a bit of fun with them.

The dresses were made from a company called Two Birds. It’s one dress that can be worn 16 different ways. Each of the bridesmaids were able to wear their dress a different way.

All of our hair was done by the wonderful Sue Barnes. It was such a delight to work with her.

Make up::
We all had our makeup done by Sam ‘makeup by Sam’
She was so professional and amazing to work with. She did such a beautiful job. or

We designed the invitations ourselves (we are both graphic designers) and got them letterpressed by

by Rebecca Debresser ‘Blush wedding Flowers’.  I knew the colours that we wanted but i left it up to Rebecca to decide on the types of flowers. She did the most amazing job. They were better than what I could of ever imagined.

Marks suit:
We had the suit made through Travellers Apparel.

How did Lens to life contribute to your day?:
Our photographer Lucus from Lens to Life was a perfect choice for the style of photos that we were after.
He did an exceptional job at making us feel relaxed and despite the stormy weather conditions we still came away with an album full of beautiful memories and stunning photos.

DIY Elements:
Instead of a guest book, we wanted to be a little different, so I purchased an old typewriter that we set up for people to write us messages.
(Towards the end of the night this amused the younger generation as they were a little stumped as to where the ‘enter’ key had gone!)

We also set up a key box. I had gathered a heap of old skeleton keys and attached tags to them so guests could write their ‘keys to a happy marriage’ on them for us to keep as a wedding keepsake!

By scouring ops shops I was able to collect a whole range of things from old teapots that we used as vases to beautiful little teacups and vintage books. I also made a range of cake stands from vintage plates and candlesticks and odd things i could find at the op shop.

As we were having a cocktail reception we decided to have additional grazing food on the side. We decided to go along the theme of only using produce from the local area on the Mornington Peninsula. This is where the cake stands came into play. During the first cocktail hour we had a table full of local cheeses from Red Hill Cheese and strawberries from Sunny Ridge strawberry farm. In the main restaurant area we had another table set up with more cake stands filled with different types of fudge from Peninsula fudge and a range of chocolates.


mornington peninsula wedding – Anthony & Camille

The mornington peninsula wedding of Anthony & Camille was held at Willow Creek winery.  This was the 3rd wedding in a row that we have ventured to the very beautiful Willow Creek, but that was totally fine by us as we love it there.  These guys were an absolute delight to work with.  A fun, very relaxed day, (just the way it should be) was had by all.  Thanks again guys for a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy these few pics from the day.