Destination Wedding Photographer – Bula Bride

We are thrilled to announce that we are a published destination wedding photographer! The recent elopement images from Ben and Tash’s wedding in Fiji have been published by the beautiful Fijian wedding guide ‘Bula Bride.’ Click here to take a look:


Destination Wedding – Sonaisali Island Resort Fiji

On my recent trip to Fiji I had the honour & pleasure as a destination wedding photographer to capture the wedding of Ben & Tash. Their wedding was held at the very beautiful Sonaisali Island Resort which is a very short boat ride from the main land. A magic tropical green oasis. They had a very small gathering and by small I mean just Ben, Tash and their two beautiful children Kayla & Jake. So small that I even had the honour of being their witness. 🙂
Ben & Tash met while on an plane so it sort of fitted in well that they jet set off to a tropical paradise to tie the knot. Tash & the kids were escorted to the ceremony location by Fijians in their national dress which looked fantastic! After a very short but sweet ceremony we ventured around the resort to capture some stunning images for the couple to remember a wonderful day. It was a blast being a Fiji Wedding Photographer and with some stunning sunset images such as these last shots you see below, it easy to see why.

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