Trenavin Chapel Wedding Phillip Island – James & Justine

James and Justine were married on 10th December 2016 @ the lovely beachside venue Trenavin Chapel.  There ceremony was followed by a reception held at The Cape Kitchen on the other side of Phillip Island.  Here are some words from our bride and groom about how they came to be together, their wedding day and their plans for their future together.


  • Q. When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?
    A. We met in 2006 on Justine’s 18th birthday at the Wheeler’s Hill hotel and waved hello to each other as we were introduced. Little did we know that about a month later we would meet again at schoolies on the gold coast where things really took off! When we first met we both thought instantly that the other had amazing eyes which were the first thing i noticed when i saw him again and said hey i know you!
  • Q. When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
    A. The proposal took place in Apollo bay on the 10th of April 2015. James said he was taking me on a surprise trip and wouldn’t tell me where we were going and as i needed to use the bathroom at the beach we stopped to also have a drink on the beach. about twenty minutes after sitting on the beach James asked me if i wanted to go i said yes please its freezing! And i stood up and turned around and he was on one knee with a ring box in hand! he asked me to marry him and I said yes immediately about a hundred times!

    After saying a couple of nights at our favorite place to stay in Apollo Bay – Chris’ Beacon Point James ran off at breaky to grab something from the room and came back with another surprise which when i opened i could not believe! It was plane tickets to Queensland! He had planned it all and got the time off work for me from my boss and we headed off to the airport after breaky and spend the next five days celebrating in the sun on the gold coast!

  • Q. Where are you going on your honeymoon?
    A. We are going to Europe for one month for our honey moon. We are traveling to Paris, Greek Islands, Italy, Monaco and Dubai.
  • Q. What are your future plans together?
    A. We plan to start trying for a family on our honeymoon in September 2017! We have also just bought our second (and dream!) home and we are looking forward to renovating the entire place from top to bottom including all 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms so that will be another thing thing to start as soon as possible!
  • Q. Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
    A. The ceremony is being held at Trenavin Chapel in Ventnor and we chose this venue because Justine wanted a Large Cathedral Church wedding and James wanted a beach wedding with an amazing view so we got the best of both worlds in one!
    The reception is being held at the Cape Kitchen and we chose this venue because of the high quality food and service with the amazing clifftop water front view.
  • Q. What does your wedding dress look like? Please give a detailed description and also include any accessories including jewellery and shoes.
    A. My wedding dress is a princess fairy tale dress with beading on the bodice and a large puffed out skirt. This proved difficult taking pictures and getting in and out of the wedding cars!! It was Ivory in color and I borrowed a swarovski crystal veil off my sister to match the dress as my something borrowed for the day. I had Tiffany Blue toe nails for something blue and I wore gold sparkly pointy toe flat shoes. I wore large drop gold earrings with diamontes along with a channel diamond bangle i borrowed off my mother.
  • Q. Do you have a Theme or style to your wedding? And if so, what is it?
    A. Black and white vintage style with a touch of gold glitter!
  • Q. Hair & Makeup – please describe what your hair and makeup is like and who the suppliers are.
    A. Hair was done by Always Ahead hairdressing and was styles half up half down with a soft curl down around my face and Bridesmaids was up in a low side bun with a side fringe. Make up was soft and natural colours with a touch of a pink lip, done by Jess’ Sheer Beauty
  • Q. Who is the person conducting your service? (celebrant, minister, priest etc).
    A. Celebrant was John Murphy who came highley reccomended by the owners of Trenavin Chapel and was absolutely awesome!
  • Q. Florist – what are your flowers like & who is the supplier?
    A. Flowers were done by Flowers of Phillip Island and were perfect Peony Roses in plain white for the bridesmaids. The Bridal bouquet was a white peony rose arrangement with a few blush roses scattered to give it some color. I also had a bouquet made with love as my bouquet was not complete until i walked down the isle to collect 3 missing pieces. As i walked down the isle 3 people important to James and I gave me pieces of my bouquet that were then placed together with a ribbon. These pieces were given to me my brother in law and nephew, James’ God mother and James’ father.
  • Q. Wedding Favours & Cake – what are they like and who is the supplier?
    A. Our wedding favours were stubby holders from Hot Promos Our cake was by Elaine’s cakes who is local to the island and it was yummy!
  • Q. Transport – what mode of transport did you choose and who was the supplier?
    A. Transport for the wedding were 3 1969 Camaros and they were driven by some friends of one of James’ work friends.
  • Q. Food & Drink – what are they like and who is the supplier if not venue?
    A. Food and drink at the reception were supplied by the Cape Kitchen and were phenomenal!
  • Q. Is there any other supplier you would specifically like to mention:
    A. Thank you to the Cape Kitchen and Trenavin Chapel!

    We would also like to thank Last Monument Entertainment for our amazing MC/DJ and Drummer combo at our reception! Everything was absolutely perfect we couldn’t have asked for a better job to have been done and all our guests loved it!!


trenavin chapel wedding phillip island trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island002 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island003 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island004 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island005 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island006 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island007 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island008 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island009 phillip island bride trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island011 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island012 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island013 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island014 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island015 trenavin chapel wedding phillip island trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island017 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island018 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island019 trenavin chapel wedding phillip island trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island021 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island022 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island023 phillip island wedding phillip island wedding trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island026 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island027 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island028 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island029 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island030 trenavin_chapel_wedding_phillip_island031

yarram farm wedding – Aaron & Chenelle

Aaron & Chenelle’s Yarram farm wedding was held on the 14th February (Valentines day) and was not your normal ‘run of the mill’ wedding.  Yes it had the pretty dresses, true love and cake but what made it a little different from all the rest was it’s farm theme.  It was set upon a lovely property in Yarram and had all the guys decked out in what looked like R. M Williams outfits.  But what really made it different was the mechanical bull hired for the day for the wedding party and guests to play on. As you can imagine everyone had a ball and thoroughly enjoyed watching someone else fall off!

These guys also did things a little differently on the day by having their location shoot prior to their reception.  We started off with their formal photos and then went on to the ceremony and reception.

We first photographed aaron & chenelle back in June last year for their engagement session.


Yarram Farm Wedding

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Wedding Photographer Gippsland

Gippsland Wedding

There’s no other wedding like a Gippsland Wedding.

The Victorian region of Gippsland begins east of the Melbourne suburbs and stretches to the border of New South Wales, lying between the Great Dividing Range to the north and Bass Strait to the south.

Every season in Gippsland has it’s inspirations. In the midst of winter or autumn you may like to take long walks on a crisp morning in an untouched rainforests or maybe you might like to settle by a roaring fire with a local wine in a quaint little village restaurant. Many restaurants around the region host weddings. For the ultimate winter wedding why not take a look at the venues around the high country such as Mount Baw Baw.

For summer or spring weddings the options are never ending. From Mallacoota’s spectacular wind swept beaches to the Gippsland Lakes district. The backdrops for photography as well as venue type are unsurpassable .

Central Gippsland is a gourmet haven, dotted with beautiful wineries, many of which also host weddings. Historic gold towns and maritime villages such as Port Albert & Wahalla are also great backdrops for a wedding. Sometimes finding the right venue in these smaller towns may mean investigating lesser local alternatives. Bed & Breakfast establishments and restaurants often host weddings. And may just need to be approached.

Gippsland’s waterways – The Gippsland Lakes are made up from the waters of five major rivers and this is fringed by Ninety Mile Beach. Many lakeside restaurants or pubs offer couples the perfect gippsland wedding venue. Other alternatives are the waterfront villages of Paynesville, Metung or Lakes Entrance.

This area abounds with beautiful scenery. Your choices for your wedding destination in this region are endless. Wilsons Promontory, only three hours from Melbourne, is well known both locally and internationally for is beautiful bush and coastal scenery. A Wilsons Promontory Wedding offers stunning wilderness. Its amazing orange rock formations along it’s coastline make a beautiful background for any wedding album. The inspiring views of nearby Foster are terrific for those beautiful panoramic images of its foothills and the views overlooking the Prom. If it’s a more rural look you are after the grasslands surrounding Bairnsdale are perfect. And then there is of course the pristine beachscapes of Phillip Island. One of our favorites! With rural farmland and bushland surrounded by spectacular rugged clifftops, surf beaches and back beaches, a Phillip Island Wedding is also hard to surpass.

One thing is for certain, you would be hard pressed not to find the type of setting within Gippsland that you are after for your wedding. Combine this with an amazing gippsland wedding venue and there is no need to look any further.







Inverloch Wedding – Luke Rachael

Luke & Rachael’s Gippsland Wedding was held on the Inverloch Beach near the Anglers Club. Afterwards they were joined by their guests to celebrate the marriage at the stunning RACV Inverloch Resort. Images were taken at Luke & Rachael’s new house which they plan to renovate and Shack Bay Inverloch.

Inverloch Wedding
Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach001 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach002 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach003 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach004 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach005 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach006 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach007 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach008 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach009 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach010 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach011 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach012 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach013 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach014 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach015 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach016 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach017 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach018 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach019 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach020 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach021 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach022 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach023 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach024 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach025 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach026 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach027 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach028 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach029 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach030 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach031 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach032 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach033 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach034 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach035 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach036 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach037 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach038 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach039 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach040 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach041 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach042 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach043 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach044 Wedding_Gippsland_Inverloch_Beach045