[wedding gippsland] – Damien & Belinda

Damien & Belinda’s gippsland wedding began on the beach in Cowes Phillip Island, followed by a reception of approximately 120 guests at the Continental Hotel across the road. The bride wore an ivory dress, duchess style which was beautifully decorated. Her hair and makeup were done by Ally De La Rosa.

Damien and Belinda met at the Dorset Gardens nightclub. Damien proposed to Belinda after an argument over football which ended with Belinda in tears and Damien declaring his undying love and asking for her hand in marriage.

The couple’s new married life together begins in Queensland for their honeymoon.

Photographer: Jade Walton


[Wedding Gippsland] – Phillip Island Wedding Album

Although the weather for Chris & Courtney’s wedding was against us, we still managed to put together a beautiful album of their phillip island wedding. Chris and Courtney were married and had their reception at The Continental Hotel in Cowes. A special thanks to Cassie from Koko Photography who assisted us on the day with beautiful photos and enabled us to create a fusion video for the couple.

[Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 01 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 02 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 03 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 04 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 05 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 06 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 07 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 08 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 09 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 10 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 11 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 12 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 13 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 14 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 15 [Wedding Gippsland] -  Phillip Island 16

phillip island wedding – Chris & Courtney

Chris and Courtney were married on the 3rd March 2012.  Due to the incredibly bad weather on that day they had to be a little flexible and changed the location of their ceremony.  Despite the rain we still managed to capture some beautiful moments for them.  Behind the camera taking the stills was a good friend of ours and great photographer from Bendigo, Cassie Johnson.  I was taking a little bit of video for this wedding so between the two of us we had a great day with an awesome couple. This is their day in the words of the bride…

How did you meet?
Chris and I meet through mutual friends Kerri and Luke on there wedding day. Chris was the best man and I was a Bridesmaid.

Where and how did the proposal take place?
Chris proposed to me at sunset at Silverwater Resort.

Where was your wedding held?
Our wedding was suppose to be held at Rose Ave Beach but due to bad weather we got married at the Continental Hotel Phillip Island.

What was the Theme or Style:

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?:
Watching Chris’s face as I walked down the isle and celebrating with family and friends

Favorite Photo and why:
We love the Cape Woolamai pic and also the boys home road image.

phillip island wedding

Description of Bride’s Dress:

Elizabeth De Varga dress, strapless with sweet heart neckline with a A-line skirt.

The Honeymoon Destination and any details or stories you’d like to share:
Greek Islands! Although we are waiting for the European summer to arrive before we depart.

Suppliers you would love mentioned:
Dem jewellers – Best man in town to look after all your wedding ring/ engagement ring needs.  The Continental Hotel for venue and running of the night.  Lens to life Photography for giving us the best wedding pics possible in the worst weather circumstances.

How did Lens to life contribute to your day?

Cassie and Lucas were fantastic on our wedding day, we wanted natural photo’s in certain spots all over the Island and both Cassie and Lucas bent over backwards to give us the best photo’s possible given the bad weather we had to work with. The lead up to our wedding day and after our wedding day has been fantastic! Thank you both for being a part of our special day and also for working tirelessly to give us the best photo’s possible.