[Phillip Island Wedding] – Josh & Bec’s Wedding

Last Sunday we had a ball photographing Josh and Bec’s phillip island wedding at Archies on the Creek in Gippsland.  The day started off with beautiful weather, although a little hot!  Unfortunately after we had set up under the beautiful trees at ‘Archies’ for the wedding photo’s it decided to bucket down with rain, so we had head inside the wine cellar for most of the photo’s.  Anyway this didn’t dampen the guests spirits as there was lots of fun to be had at the cocktail reception and particularly playing with the photo booth.  Take a squizz at the pics.

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[wedding gippsland] – Geoff & Lisa

Wow! Geoff and Lisa must truly be blessed as you couldn’t imagine more perfect weather for a wedding. We photographed their gippsland wedding last Sunday, at the Dalyston Church followed by beach shots at Kilcunda and then at the beautiful venue of Archies on the Creek. Thanks Geoff and Lisa for allowing us to be part of this fantastic day.

gippsland-wedding-01 gippsland-wedding-02 gippsland-wedding-03 gippsland-wedding-04 gippsland-wedding-05 gippsland-wedding-06 gippsland-wedding-07 gippsland-wedding-08 gippsland-wedding-09 gippsland-wedding-10