Mornington Peninsula Wedding

The Mornington Peninsula is located south east of Melbourne in Victoria Australia and has long been a preferred setting for spectacular weddings with unmatched scenery.

Although we photograph a large amount of weddings throughout Victoria (and also destination wedding photography), the Mornington Peninsula is definitely a favorite of ours. The Mornington Peninsula is a happening place with a vast array of shops, venues, pubs and bars which attracts holiday makers in their masses. Not only a mecca for Melbourne tourists it is also and attraction for visitors further afield both interstate and overseas. Although firstly a local tourist region, due to its beautiful natural attractions, it is also renowned as an all inclusive wedding destination and has many amazing and unique wedding venues to choose from. Beautiful wineries such as Lindenderry at Redhill, Stillwater at Crittenden, Willow Creek or Morning Star Estate and Conference Centres and golf courses such as Eagle Ridge, And then there are the beach restaurants, All Smiles and The Baths in Sorrento just to name a couple… You really are spoiled for choice! All of these venues and so many more we have worked at and know extensively.

Whatever you choose it’s sure to be spectacular. As photographers we understand how important it is that we are familiar with your venue. The better a photographer knows a venue or location the more knowledge they will have as to where the best shoot locations are. We have been shooting weddings on the peninsular now for more than 10 years and have literally photographed hundreds of couples. To say we know the area well and the best locations is definitely an understatement.

By allowing us at Lens to Life Photography to photograph your mornington peninsula wedding you will know you are safe in the hands of professional and experienced photographers who know the area in great detail.

Our team at Lens to Life photography will capture every aspect of your Mornington Peninsula Wedding. The day most often starts with images taken of the getting ready of the groom and his groomsmen. This is always a fun time and often we find most men enjoy showing off for a camera (especially when coaxed along by their mates), enabling us to get some great candid shots. We then move on to the bride and her bridesmaids and although some women are a little uncomfortable with a camera in front of them, our professional staff are used to dealing with all types of people and are masters at helping them relax. With the knowledge and professionalism of our skilled craftspeople together with the emotions of the day this time of the day is a definite place to get gorgeous natural images. By the end of this session, the women are feeling like models themselves! And are thrilled when they see the results..

We will then photograph the event itself, the ceremony! This is undoubtedly the most important moment of all. We will capture every detail of your Mornington Peninsula Wedding in pictures. From the grooms nervous looks turning into awe as his bride walks down the isle and particularly the bride so often in tears (in a happy way). And of course…THAT first kiss as a married couple. Afterwards we will make our way out to a location chosen by the bride and groom for family and group shots.

The bride and groom will be whisked away following this for some intimate location shots. These are the images that Lens to Life are famous for. We specialize in what we call ‘Weddingscapes’. These shots are similar to a spectacular landscape image but with the added bonus of including the bride and groom in shot. These are fantastic for couples that love the location they are being married at or have a particular location that is special to them.

There is no other location like the Mornington Peninsula for wedding photography, especially if you are after those amazing on-location art pieces that we are famous for.

Our team has been photographing weddings on the Peninsula for years and know of many incredible and beautiful shooting locations throughout the area. We very much focus on its scenic beauty, taking full advantage of the incredible surroundings (both natural and man made) on offer. Our photographers are always excited for the challenge and thrilled with the possibility to create their next ‘masterpiece.’ As we see it, it is our job to tell the ‘story’ of the day and we only have one chance to capture those beautiful memories.

mornington peninsula wedding


Stillwater Wedding – Peter & Tanya

Peter & Tanya’s Stillwater wedding was held at Crittenden Estate in Dromana. Here are some more details from the bride about how the couple met and about their mornington peninsula wedding:
Q. When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?
A. Met through mutual friends in Sorrento.
Q. When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
A. Vietnam last January in a gondola. Very exciting moment for us.
Q. Where are you going on your honeymoon?
A. We are honeymooning in New Zealand
Q. What are your future plans together?
A. To live a long and happy life together.
Q. Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
A. Both ceremony and reception are being held at Crittenden Estate, Dromana. We love beautiful food and wine and the vineyard vibe is just perfect!
Q. What does your wedding dress look like? Please give a detailed description and also include any accessories including jewellery and shoes.
A. Classic style lace wedding gown with beautiful beaded sash finished with an incredible pair of glittery Jimmy Choo shoes!!
Q. Do you have a Theme or style to your wedding? And if so, what is it?
A. Classic style
Q. Hair & Makeup – please describe what your hair and makeup is like and who the suppliers are.
A. Makeup: Heaven on Earth (Frankston) Hair: Amber (Zumay Mornington)
Q. Who is the person conducting your service? (celebrant, minister, priest etc).
A. Emma Tomlinson -Celebrant
Q. Florist – what are your flowers like & who is the supplier?
A. Classic style flowers with seasonal blooms – Herbacious Florist Mt Eliza.
Scattered lace trimmed bottles dotted around terrace/ venue prepared by bride and bridesmaids. Blooms supplied by Van Wyk.
Q. Wedding Favours & Cake – what are they like and who is the supplier?
A. 2 tier caramel mud cake. The Luxe Cake Company, Mt Eliza
Q. Transport – what mode of transport did you choose and who was the supplier?
A. Family cars
Q. Food & Drink – what are they like?
A. Cocktail style reception, Stillwater Crittenden Estate

Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate001 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate002 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate003 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate004 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate005 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate006 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate007 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate008 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate009 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate010 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate011 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate012 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate013 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Crittenden_Estate014

Dalywaters Rose Farm – Marc & Jess

Marc and Jess’s mornington peninsula wedding was held on Friday 29th November 2013. The couple held their ceremony at the Dalywaters Rose Farm and their reception at Mornington Peninsula Golf Club.
How and when did you meet?
We met just over 7 years ago at a local football function, we both instantly liked each other, we have similar sense of humour so got along really well.
When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?
Marc proposed on Christmas Eve 2012. It was very understated, which was perfect for us. We watched our traditional Christmas movie “elf” every year and when the credits rolled on playing my all time favourite Xmas song Marc got up and came back to the couch where I was lying, he got down on one knee and popped the question. I was in shock (7 years together, I thought it was never going to happen) and I was so extremely over the moon happy!!
Where are you going on your honeymoon?
We are heading over to the states in March for 6 weeks.
What are your future plans together?
Our future plans are to buy a second house together, travelling and eventually starting a family.
Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
Ceremony: Dalywaters Rose Farm in Mornington, Reception: Mornington golf club.
I absolutely fell in love with Dalywaters the minute we saw it, it just “spoke to me” The golf club is also really lovely and I got a great feeling from the staff as soon as we arrived, it all just worked.
What does your wedding dress look like?
My dress is a ‘mermaid’ style with lace on the bodice, and an extravagant tule layered skirt. I am wearing a veil and some beautiful antique inspired chandelier ear rings. I also have a beautiful tennis bracelet that my mum has brought for me. My flowers are beautiful but I’m really sorry I can’t remember what they are called. I do know there are some amazing peonies in there.
What is the Theme or style of your wedding?
The wedding doesn’t have an exact theme, it’s romantic, rustic, vintage inspired. Nothing specific.
Hair & make up:
Hair is being done by my hairdresser/friend Meg Horsborough, she is doing a soft low bun. Make up is by Andrea at ‘Makeup with me‘
Cake & Wedding Favours:
No cake, we are having a Macaroon tower made by a family friend.
My amazing mum has made the wedding favours, handmade candles for each guest, they smell delicious; creme brûlée and strawberry champagne scents.
Invitations & stationary:
Lesley from ‘Little bits‘ made our invitations, using the same colours I made the place cards for guests with one of my bridesmaids. We also made the booklets for the ceremony and used the same ‘cartoon picture’ my parents had on their wedding invites over 35 years ago. They were really special to me.
Food & drink: Food and drink is all prepared by the golf club. We are having an extended canapé time than usual and cutting out the entree part of the night, to ensure we have some more casual relaxed time with our guests, the mains are Roasted eye fillet with mash potato (my fav) sautéed spinach and red wine jus and Baked chicken breast with a potato gratin, sautéed spinach and white wine tarragon sauce.

Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington001 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington002 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington003 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington004 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington005 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington006 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington007 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington008 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington009 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington010 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington011 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington012 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington013 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington014 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington015 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington016 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington017 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington018 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington019 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington020 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington021 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington022 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington023 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington024 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington025 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington026 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington027 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington028 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington029 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington030 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington031 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington032 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington033 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington034 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington035 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington036 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington037 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington038 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington039 Daly_Waters_Rose_Farm_Wedding_Mornington040


The All Smiles wedding of Warren & Kathryn was held on Sunday 24th November 2013.  The ceremony took place in the beautiful Sorrento Park followed by a reception held at All Smiles.

In the brides own words…

When and how did you meet?  And what were your first thoughts?
We first met at work in 2011.  There was an instant attraction.  Warren’s first thoughts were “wow she is hot, but probably out of my league”  Kathryn also thought Warren was very handsome and was interested straight away.

When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
Warren proposed on the Island of Havar  in Croatia.  He packed a picnic,and  took Kathryn to a secluded spot on the beach  After the picnic Warren whispered “will you marry me”  It was very romantic.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?
The honeymoon begins with a flight to Los Angeles then a drive to Las Vegas.  Then its off to Mexico for some sun and relaxing

What are your future plans together?
We are looking forward to traveling the world and starting a family together.

Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
The wedding is in Sorrento as we both share a love of the beach and we wanted it to be an occasion people could make a weekend of.  The Ceremony is being held at the Sorrento Historical Park followed by the Reception at All Smiles.

What does your wedding dress look like?
The dress is a Pronovias gown.  Hair  accessories by Fletcher and Grace.  Bouquet of white roses provided by Kylie Vennells from Wedding Hire By The Bay, who also provided the decorations for the ceremony..

What is the Theme or style of your wedding?
There is no real theme other than we want people to share our joy and have a great party to celebrate the day.

Hair & make up
Hair by Naomi from Bell a Paris Sorrento.  Make up by Claire Williams  from Voila Makeup Artistry

Wedding Favours & Cake:
Cake supplied by All Smiles Sorrento.

Invitations & Stationary:
Invites were supplied by Kathryn’s cousin.


















































All_Smiles_Wedding_Sorrento001 (1)




Morninton Peninsula Wedding –

This mornington peninsula wedding held on Saturday 2nd November 2013, commenced with a reception at Dalywaters Rose Farm and was then followed by a reception at Peninsula Country Golf Club.
In the bride’s own words…
Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
Ceremony will be held at Dalywaters Rose Farm and Garden – at this time of year the roses are in full bloom so the garden setting is spectacular. The reception will be at Peninsula Country Golf Club which is an ideal setting for an avid golfer groom.
What does your wedding dress look like? Please give a details description and also include any accessories such as bouquet and shoes.
The dress is La Sposa Fanal in ivory – bought online from RK Bridal in New York.
Shoes are Supersoft Diana Ferrari and very comfortable!
What is the Theme or style of your wedding?
Elegant but fun
Jewelry & Accessories
Thanks to the online world!
Hair & make up
Makeup – Tuula Patchell –!about-tuula/c1va9
Amber White (hair)
Wedding Favours & Cake
I made my own wedding cake and instead of favours we are donating the money we would have spent to one of two charities nominated by guests. Guests are given a ping pong ball in a little box, and they put the ping pong ball in one of two big labelled glass vases depending on which charity they believe we should donate to!
Invitations & Stationary
Food & Drink
Peninsula Country Golf Club have done a fabulous job!
Wedding Photography Mornington Peninsula: Jade Walton

Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens001 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens002 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens003 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens004 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens005 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens006 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens007 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens008 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens009 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens010 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens011 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens012 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens013 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens014 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens015 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens016 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens017 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens018 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens019 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens020 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens021 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens022 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens023 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens024 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens025 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens026 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens027 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens028 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens029 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens030 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens031 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens032 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens033 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens034 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens035 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens036 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens037 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens038 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens039 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens040 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens041 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens042 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens043 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens044 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens045 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens046 Mornington_Peninsula_Wedding_Dalywaters_Rose_Gardens047

[mornington peninsula wedding] – Darren & Rhiarna

Darren & Rhiarna’s mornington peninsula wedding was held on Saturday 10th November 2012 on the lawns of the Portsea Hotel. This lucky couple were truly blessed, receiving a beautiful sunshine filled cloudless day to hold their outside ceremony. At the end of the ceremony doves were released (supplier: Doves by Day) as a surprise for the bride Rhiarna by her new husband Darren! Following is a slideshow of images from the day which was shown during the wedding reception.


[mornington peninsula wedding] – Darren & Rhiarna from Lens to Life Photography on Vimeo.

{mornington peninsula wedding} – Mark & Stephanie

Jade had the pleasure of capturing the very intimate and personal wedding of Mark and Stefanie held at a place called ‘Howards Hill’ in Boneo. A beautiful day as you can see and a great location for some fine images to remember the day by. Enjoy this snap shot Mark and Stef and we look forward to showing you more along with your album very soon.


wedding photography mornington peninsula – Mark & Shae

How did you meet?
We met at high school where we had a few classes together. We did our Deb Ball with each other and have been together ever since.

Where and how did the proposal take place?
Mark proposed while we were away on a European adventure in a town on the Cinque Terre coast of Italy.
We had spent the day exploring the beautiful village and after dinner, while sitting at a lookout overlooking the village and the ocean, Mark surprised me with the proposal.

Where was your wedding held?
Our wedding was held at the beautiful Willow Creek Winery. As the weather was not particularly kind to us we moved the ceremony inside to Salix’s restaurant, which was absolutely beautiful.

What was the Theme or Style:

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?:
Shae: Walking down the aisle with my Dad, looking down to see Mark waiting for me.
Mark: Dancing with Shae at the end of the night when all the important bits were out of the way!

Favorite Photo and why:
There are so many to choose from, but we do love the one where we are all walking down the driveway holding the umbrellas because we are surrounded by all our friends.

Description of Bride’s Dress:
I won the dress in a competition on and also got to meet the designer Henry Roth when he bought the dress down for me to try on.  It was a strapless, stretch boned & corseted Chantilly lace gown with tiered lace with Swarovski beading.

The Honeymoon Destination:
At Peppers Resort in Kingscliff, NSW

My Dad organised the cars through a friend of his that owns a couple of vintage Rolls Royce’s. They were called Ruby and Buttercup.

Our cake was made by Janine from
It was a 3 tiered cake with 3 different flavours. Who can pick just one!!!!

Felicity Kerr who was amazing to work with. We were so lucky to have her officiate our wedding.

Brides Shoes:
Tony Bianco ‘Sebond Ivory’

My parents gave me a pair of earrings from Stephanie Brown and I borrowed my great Aunts watch/bracelet.

Attire was from Rodger David. We didn’t want them to all to look the same, so they all chose different looks while sticking to a similar colour palette. It was one of the easiest parts to the whole planning process. The boys were fantastic and I think they had a bit of fun with them.

The dresses were made from a company called Two Birds. It’s one dress that can be worn 16 different ways. Each of the bridesmaids were able to wear their dress a different way.

All of our hair was done by the wonderful Sue Barnes. It was such a delight to work with her.

Make up::
We all had our makeup done by Sam ‘makeup by Sam’
She was so professional and amazing to work with. She did such a beautiful job. or

We designed the invitations ourselves (we are both graphic designers) and got them letterpressed by

by Rebecca Debresser ‘Blush wedding Flowers’.  I knew the colours that we wanted but i left it up to Rebecca to decide on the types of flowers. She did the most amazing job. They were better than what I could of ever imagined.

Marks suit:
We had the suit made through Travellers Apparel.

How did Lens to life contribute to your day?:
Our photographer Lucus from Lens to Life was a perfect choice for the style of photos that we were after.
He did an exceptional job at making us feel relaxed and despite the stormy weather conditions we still came away with an album full of beautiful memories and stunning photos.

DIY Elements:
Instead of a guest book, we wanted to be a little different, so I purchased an old typewriter that we set up for people to write us messages.
(Towards the end of the night this amused the younger generation as they were a little stumped as to where the ‘enter’ key had gone!)

We also set up a key box. I had gathered a heap of old skeleton keys and attached tags to them so guests could write their ‘keys to a happy marriage’ on them for us to keep as a wedding keepsake!

By scouring ops shops I was able to collect a whole range of things from old teapots that we used as vases to beautiful little teacups and vintage books. I also made a range of cake stands from vintage plates and candlesticks and odd things i could find at the op shop.

As we were having a cocktail reception we decided to have additional grazing food on the side. We decided to go along the theme of only using produce from the local area on the Mornington Peninsula. This is where the cake stands came into play. During the first cocktail hour we had a table full of local cheeses from Red Hill Cheese and strawberries from Sunny Ridge strawberry farm. In the main restaurant area we had another table set up with more cake stands filled with different types of fudge from Peninsula fudge and a range of chocolates.


wedding photography mornington peninsula – Ben & Sarah

On the 17th March 2012 we were pleased to attend and capture the Mornington Peninsula wedding of Ben & Sarah.  This is what the couple had to say about their day:

How did you meet? “We’re kind of the proverbial boy and girl next door…or about 5 doors, in our case,” Sarah explained. “We went to the same high school, and had a couple of classes together that were always at the end of the day, so we would walk home together and got to know each other that way. We ended up getting our act together early in 2001, when we were 16 and 17.”

Where and how did the proposal take place? Ben proposed on their 10th anniversary, having arranged to spend the night at the “amazing” Linden Gardens Bed & Breakfast on Mt Dandenong. Ben said he started the day off with a decoy card and present, “just in case”. After a trip to the 1,000 Steps walking track, and an afternoon lazing around, the couple were just about to head out for dinner when Ben starting reading from a second card he’d gotten Sarah – Sarah said it wasn’t until right at the very last moment that she actually realised what was going on. “A very treasured surprise!”

Where was your wedding held? Ben and Sarah’s wedding was held on Gunnamatta Beach on the Mornington Peninsula, a location which reminded the couple of the beaches they used to spend time on near their hometown in south-west Victoria. The weather even behaved on the day, with the bride greeted by a bright blue sky (and quite a stiff breeze!).

Who was in your bridal party? Sarah was attended by her sisters Ebony and Lauren, and university friend Jacinta. Ben had his brother Charles by his side, along with life long friend Julian, and friend and business partner Trevor. Sarah’s niece Tully was the couple’s flower girl.”

What was your favourite moment of your wedding? “We tried to narrow it down,” said Ben, “but we’re not having much luck! I think for both of us, just having all of our family and friends with us to celebrate in one place, that was what it always came down to.” Sarah agreed, saying “we were thrilled at how it all came together.”

Reception: The reception was held immediately afterwards at The National Golf Club. “My brother Adam stepped in as MC only a few days before the wedding, after Ben’s dad injured himself and had to pull out,” Sarah said. “We both thought he did a fantastic job, and are still so grateful he was able to help us out like that. I doubt people would have even known of the switch if he hadn’t mentioned it! Diana McNaughton at The National Golf Club was brilliant to deal with as well – we couldn’t have had a more organised and helpful person. The venue on the night looked fantastic, with the tables looking out over the course over to Bass Strait.”

What was the Theme or Style: “We didn’t really want a full theme, so we just stuck with a ‘touch of blue’ when we were pulling things together,” Sarah said. “We didn’t have anything in particular in mind, but just tried to weave in different shades of blue where we could.”

Favourite Photo and why (after you receive your proof booklet): [Not sure yet!]

Honeymoon destination: Ben and Sarah spent the first few days after their wedding in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, before heading over to Moorea and Bora Bora in Tahiti for a well-earned tropical break.

Invitations: Ben said it was his “extremely talented cousin” who helped out in this area. “My cousin Melissa is a designer, and is involved in the wedding industry through her company Personalised Favours (,” Ben said. “From the invitations, to the menus, the seating chart, the place cards, Mel did it all. We were incredibly lucky to have someone as talented and imaginative as her to help us.”

Celebrant: “We were fortunate to have Beryl Gregory, a relative of Ben’s, able to conduct our ceremony for us.” Sarah said. “Beryl was one of the very first civil marriage celebrants in Australia, back in the early 1970s, and it meant a lot to us to have a friendly face on the day who knew us and our family.“

Cake: The wedding cakes were made by Janine from Peninsula Cake Art ( “We’re extremely grateful for Janine’s huge amount of work in creating our cake, with each guest having their own little chocolate box as their dessert.” Sarah said. “We still haven’t had the opportunity to tell Janine about the huge number of compliments her work received – the white chocolate and raspberry mud cake seemed to be everyone’s favourite.”

Flowers: Hello Blossoms ( supplied all the flowers on the day. “We really wanted someone who could take care of that whole side of things for us, right down to all the deliveries of the bouquets and buttonholes, given we were all travelling to the region,” Sarah explained. “Hello Blossoms was fantastic and incredibly professional, right from our initial meeting, and we were thrilled at how all the flowers turned out. I couldn’t believe how fantastic the bouquets smelt, even at the end of the day.”

Groom’s Suit: Ben was “kitted out in Hugo Boss, who fixed me up from head-to-toe.”

Bridal Outfit: Sarah’s dress was her own design, made by a local dressmaker with fabric from D’Italia. Her earrings were a present from her mother, with the bracelet from Stephanie Browne ( A brooch of a small bluebird, worn by Sarah’s grandmother at her wedding, was borrowed and placed on Sarah’s bouquet on the day.

Bridal Shoes: Sarah wore Blix in Navy, from Wittner. “I’d looked in probably far too many places, trying to find a pair of navy shoes I liked and had almost given up when I found these guys during a bit of random window shopping during lunch one day.”

Wedding cars: “We actually had our own car, our Suzuki Grand Vitara, to get Sarah to the beach.” Ben said. “We weren’t that worried about cars, so it made sense to us to get ours in there. I had someone sneak around to where Sarah was staying on the morning of the wedding to put a white ribbon on the car.”

How did Lens to life contribute to your day? “We originally had no idea how we were going to select our photographer, until we came across Lens to Life’s work.” Sarah said. “The style of the photographs was beautiful and relaxed, and seemed to capture everything about the day, which fitted in with us perfectly. On the day, Lucas was great – it was surprisingly comfortable having our photos taken, and having him around throughout the day.”

national golf club mornington