Churchill Island Wedding – Justin & Katie

Justin & Katie’s churchill island wedding was held on Saturday 14th January 2017.  Below is a little more about the couple, how they met and their future plans.


Q. When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?
A. Met in Denver Colorado while Justin was overseas teaching abroad. We had the same hobbies ( snowboarding , kitesurfings, hiking,biking,etc)
Q. When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
A. Flemington races at spring carnival
Q. Where are you going on your honeymoon? Please include dates of departure & return.
A. We are planning to go backpack around Europe.
Q. What are your future plans together (e.g. buying a house/starting a family)
A. Creating a family , teaching in international schools, while kite surfing and snowboarding around the world
Q. Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
A. Churchill island
Q. What does your wedding dress look like? Please give a detailed description and also include any accessories including jewellery and shoes.
A. Classic lace dress and veil
Q. Do you have a Theme or style to your wedding? And if so, what is it?
A. Country casual
Q. Hair & Makeup – please describe what your hair and makeup is like and who the suppliers are.
A. I am doing it myself with a friend
Q. Who is the person conducting your service? (celebrant, minister, priest etc).
Q. Florist – what are your flowers like & who is the supplier?
A. Flowers of Phillip sland. A mix of natives and other colourful arrangments
Q. Wedding Favours & Cake – what are they like and who is the supplier?
A. Our friend Caity Jukes is making our cake
Q. Transport – what mode of transport did you choose and who was the supplier?
A. Horse and carraige
Q. Food & Drink – what are they like and who is the supplier if not venue?
A. Spit


churchill island wedding Churchill_Island_Wedding002 Churchill_Island_Wedding003 Churchill_Island_Wedding004 Churchill_Island_Wedding005 Churchill_Island_Wedding006 Churchill_Island_Wedding007 Churchill_Island_Wedding008 Churchill_Island_Wedding009 Churchill_Island_Wedding010 Churchill_Island_Wedding011 Churchill_Island_Wedding012 Churchill_Island_Wedding013 Churchill_Island_Wedding014 Churchill_Island_Wedding015 Churchill_Island_Wedding016 Churchill_Island_Wedding017 Churchill_Island_Wedding018 Churchill_Island_Wedding019 Churchill_Island_Wedding020 churchill island wedding Churchill_Island_Wedding022 Churchill_Island_Wedding023 Churchill_Island_Wedding024 Churchill_Island_Wedding025 Churchill_Island_Wedding026 Churchill_Island_Wedding027 Churchill_Island_Wedding028


Melbourne Wedding Photos – Weddingscapes

So, what is a Weddingscape?  The way we describe them is ‘they are beautiful landscapes with our couples in them’.  Our Weddingscapes as art pieces are a much sort after product by our clients.  They are always something that we get many positive comments on.  This is the type of image that many of our bride & grooms want in their melbourne wedding photos.  An amazing scene to reflect the day and to remember it by.  These signature photographs make our clients walls.

Our couples and our photographers always have a lot of fun creating these on the day of the wedding and thoroughly enjoy the experience.  Most couples are willing to put in the extra effort to get that awesome shot.  To enable us to create something they can look back on forever, a piece of ART!





















Wedding Photographer Gippsland

Gippsland Wedding

There’s no other wedding like a Gippsland Wedding.

The Victorian region of Gippsland begins east of the Melbourne suburbs and stretches to the border of New South Wales, lying between the Great Dividing Range to the north and Bass Strait to the south.

Every season in Gippsland has it’s inspirations. In the midst of winter or autumn you may like to take long walks on a crisp morning in an untouched rainforests or maybe you might like to settle by a roaring fire with a local wine in a quaint little village restaurant. Many restaurants around the region host weddings. For the ultimate winter wedding why not take a look at the venues around the high country such as Mount Baw Baw.

For summer or spring weddings the options are never ending. From Mallacoota’s spectacular wind swept beaches to the Gippsland Lakes district. The backdrops for photography as well as venue type are unsurpassable .

Central Gippsland is a gourmet haven, dotted with beautiful wineries, many of which also host weddings. Historic gold towns and maritime villages such as Port Albert & Wahalla are also great backdrops for a wedding. Sometimes finding the right venue in these smaller towns may mean investigating lesser local alternatives. Bed & Breakfast establishments and restaurants often host weddings. And may just need to be approached.

Gippsland’s waterways – The Gippsland Lakes are made up from the waters of five major rivers and this is fringed by Ninety Mile Beach. Many lakeside restaurants or pubs offer couples the perfect gippsland wedding venue. Other alternatives are the waterfront villages of Paynesville, Metung or Lakes Entrance.

This area abounds with beautiful scenery. Your choices for your wedding destination in this region are endless. Wilsons Promontory, only three hours from Melbourne, is well known both locally and internationally for is beautiful bush and coastal scenery. A Wilsons Promontory Wedding offers stunning wilderness. Its amazing orange rock formations along it’s coastline make a beautiful background for any wedding album. The inspiring views of nearby Foster are terrific for those beautiful panoramic images of its foothills and the views overlooking the Prom. If it’s a more rural look you are after the grasslands surrounding Bairnsdale are perfect. And then there is of course the pristine beachscapes of Phillip Island. One of our favorites! With rural farmland and bushland surrounded by spectacular rugged clifftops, surf beaches and back beaches, a Phillip Island Wedding is also hard to surpass.

One thing is for certain, you would be hard pressed not to find the type of setting within Gippsland that you are after for your wedding. Combine this with an amazing gippsland wedding venue and there is no need to look any further.







Sandy Point Wedding – Paul & Amy

Paul & Amy had a prom country wedding with the ceremony being held on the couples own farm in Foster, followed by a reception at the Sandy Point Hall. The Gippsland wedding photography locations were on the couples own farm and Walkerville / Sandy Point beaches.
Here’s some words from the bride about their relationship and their special day…
When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?
We met in 2001 at The Isle of Wight (affectionately remembered as the Isle of Fright!). We both went to Philip Island for a friends party. The party ended up at the Isle of White Hotel and much drinking and dancing occurred. The following week we went on a dinner date in Camberwell to Orsini’s Restaurant and the Rivoli Cinema and have been a couple ever since. That was 13 years ago, in October 2001! It was so long ago that I cannot honestly remember what my thoughts were – other than he was cute and a nice guy.
When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
Paul proposed on 13.11.2012 – Overlooking Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janerio.
“Paul proposed whilst we were on holiday in Brazil. We had gone to a friend’s (David & Karin Duffett’s) wedding in Vitoria, Brazil and spent a month traveling in Brazil and Peru. It was our last night before we flew out for Dubai and home. I had hoped Paul might propose during the trip, but after 12 years of waiting and the holiday being nearly over, I’d all but given this idea up. We were staying at the Rio Othon Hotel, overlooking Copacabana beach, we shared an amazing three course meal at the restaurant on the top floor, with views across the city and then headed back to our room. Once we arrived back at our hotel room, champagne was waiting on ice and Paul got down on one knee and proposed on our balcony overlooking Copacabana Beach. I was so surprised and happy, I can’t even remember if I said yes! I must have, because a little over a year later we’re marrying”.
“Paul may have proposed earlier in the trip, however trying to slip away from me to purchase a ring was a bit of a challenge. Once he did get away from me, then he had the language barrier and the fact that he knew my ring size in the Australian alphabetic system, but not what the equivalent numerical size was in Brazil and Peru. He did well, the ‘stunt double’ ring as he called it, to propose with, fit perfectly. As we had a 3 day stopover in Dubai on the way home, we spent some time there and picked out the engagement ring together”.
It was a pretty memorable end to a holiday and a magical proposal.
Where are you going on your honeymoon?
Nusa Dua – Bali.
What are your future plans together?
We hope to start a family in the near future and also to build a family home on our farm. We purchased the farm in March 2013 – but it needs shedding, stock yards and a home built before we can settle there. So it will be either a busy time ahead with Paul working away in QLD (fly in/fly out) or perhaps embarking on an owner/builder adventure!
Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
Ceremony: Our farm – Foster and where we hope to build a family home.
Reception: Sandy Point Community Centre – Sandy Point
What does your wedding dress look like and any accessories?
Dress: Maggie Sottero Emma Gown in light gold satin with ivory appliqued tulle overlay; a slim Aline gown with fluted train and delicate beading on the bodice and accents on the skirt and train.
“I saw the dress in a magazine and fell in love with it. I then set about trying to find the dress. My brother and his fiancé were living in Toronto, Canada at the time and so kindly purchased it for me in Canada and shipped it home” (thanks Amy Finaly – looking forward to having you officially as a sister!)
Shoes: A pair of sparkly gold wedge heels from Diana Ferrari.
Bouquet: All the wedding flowers including the bridesmaids and my bouquets were done by Michelle Murray, one of the bridesmaids. Michelle’s gift of doing the flowers was a wonderful and heartfelt gift. It makes the flowers such a personal touch on the day. Bouquets were of white and pink roses with hints of hydrangea and baby’s breath.
What is the Theme or style of your wedding?
Rustic farm glam ~ if that’s at all possible!
Beautiful white flowers and lace, mixed with accents of aqua green/blue & pale pink. To add a touch of glam and sparkle, the reception featured crystal garlands and silver elements.
Jewelry & Accessories:
Pair of crystal drop earrings were a gift to me from Paul. The earrings were purchased as a souvenir on a holiday in June 2013 to Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy.
Hair & make up:
Hair: Jane Trease, Leongatha
Makeup: Bronwyn Beach, Korumburra
Wedding Favours & Cake:
Favor: Home grown, home made berry jams. Made by Judy Love ~ Mother of the Bride
Cake: Two tier aqua green/blue and white flowers wedding cake featuring white sugar craft flowers. Made by Brent Sinclair – Brent Sinclair Catering
Invitations & Stationary:
Invitations designed and hand made by the bride and featured a aqua card tied with white ribbon.
Food & Drink:
Brent Sinclair Catering: Roving canapés, followed by a sit down dinner and desserts buffet.
Any other supplier you would specifically like to mention:
Pamela Scott – Wedding Celebrant
Decorations – CV Styling Yarram

Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point001 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point002 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point003 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point004 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point005 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point006 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point007 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point008 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point009 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point010 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point011 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point012 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point013 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point014 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point015 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point016 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point017 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point018 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point019 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point020 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point021 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point022 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point023 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point024 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point025 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point026 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point027 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point028 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point029 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point030 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point031 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point032 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point033 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point034 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point035 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point036 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point037 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point038 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point039 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point040 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point041 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point042 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point043 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point044 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point045 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point046 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point047 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point048 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point049 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point050 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point051 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point052 Gippsland_Wedding_Sandy_Point053

Traralgon Wedding – Steve & Melissa

Lovely gippsland bride Melissa recently married her fiance’ Steve on the 23rd November 2013 during their Traralgon Wedding.  This is what Melissa had to say about their relationship and their big day.

In the brides words…

When and how did you meet?  And what were your first thoughts?
We met in 2007 in Turkey on an Anzac Day tour.  We were both on a working holiday living in London.  We spent a lot of time together within the 1st few weeks & it was obvious to everyone that we were falling in love. We were very surprised when we 1st met that we only lived 40mins apart back in Australia, Melissa in Warragul & Steve in Traralgon.  During the 6 months in London we spent 3 months apart, when Steve went to America but we still managed to keep the romance alive & a month after Steve returned to London he was due to head back to Australia & I decided to go with him.

When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
Steve proposed the day before our daughters 1st birthday, 24th April 2013. We were just about to go out for dinner with the kids when Steve asked me. I was not expecting it so it was a lovely surprise & was nice to share the moment with the kids.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?
We are going to Fiji with the kids for 10nights.

What are your future plans together?
We plan to buy a home sometime in the future but it’s not a priority. We do plan to extend our family ASAP :) We already have 2 children, Jonty almost 3 & Mia 19 months.

Where is your ceremony and reception being held and why did you choose these venues?
Ceremony- Railway Reserve, Traralgon. We chose this as we wanted an outdoor wedding and it was all we could find available for our date.
Reception- Premier Function Centre, Traralgon. We love the building & the service the staff offer, it is in town so convenient for everyone & a nice big building to hold all the guests.

What does your wedding dress look like?
My dress is by Roz la Kelin. Ivory, strapless, beading along neckline. Tiny pleats along bust & midriff that fall into front overskirt. Panelled back. Scooped on either side at different heights with a beaded motif. Medium sized train. I wore a long ivory veil trimmed with beads. Satin ivory peep toe, sling back shoes. Ivory assorted flower bouquet.

What is the Theme or style of your wedding?
No particular theme.  Fairly classic, beads, Diamontes.

Jewelry & Accessories
I wore diamanté bracelet & diamanté chandelier type earrings.  I purchased these from the bridal store where I purchased my dress, Thera’s Bridal & fashion boutique, Traralgon.

Hair & make up
Hair was all up in flat curls done by Terri at Bowjanglz Hair Studio, Traralgon.
Makeup was quite natural in brown tones using Napoleon makeup done by Vanessa from Guardian Pharmacy Traralgon.

Wedding Favours & Cake
Wedding favours- bride & groom cake pops made by Jo at Chocs & Pops, Currumbin, Gold Coast, QLD.
Wedding cake was a simple 3 tier cake, middle tier quilted with diamontes, top tier had thick band of charcoal ribbon with a pearl/diamanté brooch. Cake was topped with a diamanté twin heart. Bottom tier choc mud, middle white mud, top caramel mud. The cakes were made by my mum, Di Ronalds and decorated by Trish from Patty Cakes, warragul.

Invitations & Stationary
I made the invitations myself. They were  an open out card style in a dark grey colour, trimmed with a persimmon coloured ribbon & diamanté buckle. Place cards & menus on the table were similar also made by myself.

Food & Drink
Food & drink done by the Premier Function Centre. Chicken salad & lamb salad for entree, chicken and a beef dish with vegetables for main. White choc cheesecake & sticky date for dessert.

Any other supplier you would specifically like to mention:
Our band was sweet lips from traralgon. We used a photo booth by paparazzi snaps, traralgon. We hired a black Chrysler limo from Enrik limousines, Melbourne.

gippsland wedding photography: Jade Walton

Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve002 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve003 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve004 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve005 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve006 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve007 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve008 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve009 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve010 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve011 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve012 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve013 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve014 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve015 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve016 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve017 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve018 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve019 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve020 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve021 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve022 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve023 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve024 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve025 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve026 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve027 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve028 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve029 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve030 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve031 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve032 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve033 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve034 Traralgon_Wedding_Railway_Reserve001

Wilsons Promontory Wedding – Andrew & Louisa

The Wilsons Prom wedding of Andrew and Louisa commenced with a beautiful ceremony held on the shores of Squeaky beach at the prom. With a little time in between for photographs on location and at Fish Creek, it was then on to the newly refurbished gippsland wedding venue of the RACV Inverloch. Following are some words from our bride and groom about their day.
When and how did you meet? And what were your first thoughts?
We met 11 years ago on a camping trip to Wilsons Prom with a group of mutual friends.
When and how did the proposal take place and how did you feel?
Andrew proposed to Louisa on 20 June 2012 just before we moved back to Australia after living in England for a couple of years. We were at his family home in the Peak District in the UK and went for a walk around the fields after dinner. The walk ends by crossing a river at the back of the house and instead of just crossing it, Andrew stopped in the middle of the river (we were wearing gumboots). He told Louisa that this part of the world held great meaning for him and he wanted it to have the same meaning for her. He said he had a ‘leaving the UK gift’ which he had hid by the river bank. He gave Louisa a small silver box with a blue john lid – blue john is a type of rock that can only be found in the Peak District – and inside the box was the ring. It had been his grandmother’s ring. After Louisa said “Yes”, Andrew pulled out a bottle of champagne he hid in the river with some glasses and they toasted.
Where are you going on your honeymoon?
Palau, Micronesia. Then back to the UK for Christmas with Andrew’s family and return via Singapore to have a traditional tea ceremony with Louisa’s family.
What are your future plans together (e.g. buying a house/starting a family)
Enjoying being back in Melbourne and what it has to offer, while working out what we are doing next.
What does your wedding dress look like? Please give a detailed description and also include any accessories such as bouquet and shoes.
White dress, red shoes and a bouquet of Gypsophila. Andrew hasn’t seen the dress yet so further detail is tricky. We also have gumboots for the beach.
What is the Theme or style of your wedding?
We have a literary theme with a book style invite, literary references in the ceremony and books as part of our table centre pieces.
Jewelry & Accessories (what are they and who is the supplier)
Louisa’s mother is giving her the jewelry as a wedding present and she only sees it on her wedding day.
Our wedding bands were designed and made by Brendan and Sarah of Studio Ingot on Brunswick St, Fitzroy.
Hair & make up
Hair and make up is done by Lib from Markese Hair. He has been Louisa and her family’s hairdresser for 10 years ever since he did her sister’s hair and make up for her wedding 10 years ago.
Wedding Favours & Cake
The wedding favours are daffodil pins from the Cancer Council Victoria as we donated to the Cancer Council on behalf of our guests.
The table centerpieces are glass pots of succulents which we potted ourselves and we hope our guests will take them home with them.
The wedding cake is made up of wheels of cheese which we sourced from The Epicurean at the Vic Market.
Invitations & Stationary
Our invitations are home made. They are little booklets to look like the orange Penguin Classics – we have a number of events happening the whole weekend and so each chapter in the book sets out the details of what is happening. These invites will then double as our guest book because it is designed with space for guests to write in them and return them to us. We will then bind them all together to form one bigger booklet. Andrew designed the booklets and we printed and bound them ourselves.
Food & Drink
RACV Inverloch Resort are supplying the food and drink at the reception. It is a 3 course sit down meal.
We have supplied Bollinger for the toast because Louisa likes champagne.
Any other supplier you would specifically like to mention:
Louisa’s mother, Anna Wong, is a civil celebrant and she is performing our wedding.
The bridesmaids dresses are from Wayne Cooper on Chapel Street who have been very helpful and accommodating.
Andrew is wearing Emporio Armani and Aquila shoes. The groom and groomsmen shirts, ties and pocket squares are from Declic at Chadstone Shopping Centre who greatly helped with their outfits.Wilsons_Prom_Wedding001 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding002 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding003 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding004 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding005 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding006 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding007 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding008 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding009 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding010 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding011 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding012 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding013 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding014 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding015 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding016 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding017 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding018 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding019 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding020 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding021 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding022 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding023 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding024 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding025 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding026 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding027 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding028 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding029 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding030 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding031 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding032 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding033 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding034 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding035 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding036 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding037 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding038 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding039 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding040 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding041 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding042 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding043 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding044 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding045 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding046 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding047 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding048 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding049 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding050 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding051 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding052 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding053 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding054 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding055 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding056 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding057 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding058 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding059 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding060 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding061 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding062 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding063 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding064 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding065 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding066 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding067 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding068 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding069 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding070 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding071 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding072 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding073 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding074 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding075 Wilsons_Prom_Wedding076


Although we do what we do, not for praise, it is always nice to receive a thank you for a job well done.  It is lovely to know that our brides and grooms and their families appreciate not only the work that we do on the day to create the best melbourne wedding photos, but the hours of editing, retouching and designing of their albums.  We work hard to ensure they love the finished products and that they will become even more valuable and treasured as time roles on.

Whether we are shooting melbourne wedding photos, gippsland, phillip island or the mornington peninsula, we are always aiming to complete and produce our best work ever.


Below is just some of the kind things our brides and grooms and their families have had to say about our work.










[Wedding Gippsland] – Eric & Abby Wedding Album

Questions answered by the bride ‘Abby.’ Following on with their beautiful fine art wedding album below.

How did you meet?

We have known each other since high school, as Eric was friends with my older brother Ryan. It was seven years ago when we first started seeing each other.

Where and how did the proposal take place?

Eric was very romantic. It was our five year anniversary on Saturday 5th June 2010, and I had forgotten about it and spent the night before in Melbourne with two of my best friends (who later were my bridesmaids). I got home late on the Saturday afternoon and Eric persuaded me to go to the local Mexican restaurant, which is my favourite. We had a lovely dinner and then headed up to our vacant block of land so Eric could see if it needed to be mowed. I wasn’t too thrilled about going up there. Then all of a sudden he pops out of the car and onto one knee and presented me with a diamond ring. It was the most amazing and exciting night ever! (until the wedding of course).

Where was your wedding held?

We were married at the Old Church Hall in Port Albert. The groom and groomsmen did a fantastic job of turning it into the perfect ceremony location.

The reception was held at Wildfish Restaurant in Port Albert. It was one of the best decisions we made about the wedding. Michael, the owner, was incredibly helpful; nothing was too much trouble. The place looked fantastic, the food was delicious and it suited us to a tee.

What was the Theme or Style:

We didn’t really have a specific theme, it was pretty relaxed. Classic elegance meets coastal chic perhaps..

What was your favourite moment of your wedding?:

There were many favourite moments for both of us including seeing each other for the first time that day when Abby walked down the aisle, speeches from our very special family and friends, and our first dance.

Favourite Photo and why (after you receive your proof booklet):

Both of us love the photo under the big gum tree, (album spread 15 below) out the front of an old building. We love it so much that soon it will be hanging on our wall.

Description of Bride’s Dress:

A fitted, strapless Pronovias gown, oyster in colour, with a diamante belt.

The Honeymoon Destination and any details or stories you’d like to share:

We were incredibly lucky to spend seven weeks overseas for our honeymoon. We started out driving a hire car around the UK and then travelled through Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy and Greece, and finished off with a few days in Dubai.

Would highly recommend the countryside and south coast of France. And we also loved the mountains in Switzerland. We had one day solely dedicated to riding hire bikes around to find the famous cows and their cowbells. They are adorable.

Suppliers you would love mentioned:

We had two favourite suppliers by far: Michael Hobson from Wildfish Restaurant, Port Albert, and Lucas Piera from Lens to Life.

Michael and the staff at Wildfish Restaurant put on the most wonderful cocktail reception for us. It was the perfect venue for us and absolutely made our day. And the best part, besides the food, service and the view of the water, was that they allowed us to celebrate well into the night!

Lucas was the best choice we could possibly have made for our wedding photographer. On the day, Lucas was calm and understanding, and really creative with locations for our photos. And there are so many beautiful images that I didn’t even see him take. The work that Lucas has put into our images after our wedding day has made some truly beautiful art pieces.

And finally, a mention for the Star Hotel in Sale, for supplying us with the most delicious lemon meringue wedding pie ever!

[Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 01 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 02 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 03 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 04 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 05 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 06 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 07 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 08 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 09 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 10 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 11 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 12 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 13 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 14 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 15 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 16 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 17 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 18 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 19 [Wedding Gippsland] Eric & Abby Album Spread 20



The phillip island wedding of Dylan & Louise began with their ceremony on Churchill Island and was then followed with a reception for 110 of their closest friends and family at the same venue.  Churchill Island is connected to the main island via a small bridge.  Owned by Phillip Island Nature Parks, it is the perfect venue for a wedding, with a rural setting and breathtaking  views.

The theme of Dylan & Louise’s wedding was beach/garden to incorporate their surroundings.  The bride’s gown was a A-line frock, combining ivory satin and lace.  The gown also had lace straps and a fine detail of Crystals.  The brides bouquet was oriental lilies.  Accessories were from Raffaele Ciuca.  The brides beautiful hair was done by Inspiration Hair Design in Leongatha.

Location images were taken on Silverwater Resort, (where the bride got ready), Churchill Island itself, Newhaven and under the bridge at San Remo.


Dylan is a registered Golf Course superintendent and Louise is a registered nurse.  They met each other through friends in 2001 and just after their ninth year of dating, Dylan finally proposed to Louise on her birthday.

After their Phillip Island Wedding the couple plan to honeymoon in Thailand and then return to continue to reside in their current home in Korumburra.

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